Greenhouse tomatoes – cultivation

The farms comprising BOTOMA group specialise in cultivation based on modern technology. The use of innovative solutions enables achieving greater efficiency while maintaining excellent quality of all vegetables. The main element of our operations is greenhouse tomato cultivation, particularly the medium-fruit cultivar Admiro.

Our greenhouse facilities utilise climate computers, which automatically adjust such processes as heating, airing and shading, greatly streamlining production. The devices also control the ground's humidity and EC. When growing tomatoes, we work with specialists in this field. We utilise complete biological protection – entomophages: Macrolophus caliginosus and Encarsia formosa, which control greenhouse whitefly, and Phytoseiulus persimilis, which controls spider mites. Bumblebees are used for pollination. Thanks to using such technology, we can minimise chemical protection and adjust fertilising to the plants' needs.

As a result, we obtain greenhouse tomatoes that meet all food safety criteria.