Greenhouse tomato producer – range

Fruit and Vegetable Producer Group BOTOMA was founded to provide Customers with the highest quality Polish greenhouse tomatoes. The knowledge and experience of our employees combined with innovative technology are a guarantee of safe, natural and delicious tomatoes. We never cease to develop, expand and improve our production, which continues to attract ever more Customers. We are engaged in bulk sales of high quality tomatoes at competitive prices. Do not hesitate to make use of our services.

The Admiro tomato

In our range you will primarily find Admiro tomatoes (the medium-fruit variety). State of the art technical solutions and the rich knowledge of all our specialists have enabled us to attain perfection in cultivating this variety. The Admiro tomato is a 140-170 gram fruit, round, very hard, has an attractive colour and sheen. Picked without stalks. Sorted by colour and size into 6 kg cartons (30x40 cm):

  • A - 47-57mm (MM)
  • B - 57-67mm (M)
  • BB - 67-82mm (G)
  • BBB - 82-102mm (GG)

As standard, we use disposable Euro pallets, loading 104 cartons per pallet.

Quantity can be arranged when placing orders. If you have any questions, we are available for contact at your convenience.